The crowd in that stand seemed to rise - Tradução em português

Me deparei com a seguinte frase e nao entendi muito bem o significado no final:

"the crowd in that stand seemed to rise as one"

a multidão naquela arquibancada _________

seem: parecer
rise: levantar
as one: ???

Thanks advance!

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Cinnamon 16 60 498

Como uma só.
Todos ao mesmo tempo. ;)


Marcelo Reis 1 2 96
Sabe quando a galera faz a "ola", em que todos vão levantando e sentando, como se fosse efeito dominó, na torcida? Pois é isso aí. A galera se levantava de uma vez só.
PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
seemed - parecia

rise - to go up/stand up OR intensify in emotion (go into a frenzy, roar) - se levantar.

as one - como uma só, a uma, como se fosse um só elemento/grupo (em unanimidade e/ou a uma só voz.)

...a multidão parecia se levantar naquela arquibancada como se fosse uma só.

Wow, guys! you beat me to it! ha ha ha.
nao tinha encontrado esta tradução do "as one"

pode-se generalizar esta tradução dele diante de outros verbos intao

PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
Yep, in a way the meaning is "as one man"

The idiomatic English phrase “as one man” refers to several people doing something at once, and in harmony with one another. When...multiple people are acting simultaneously, or “all together.” A similar alternate meaning for this phrase is that a group of people agree on something totally, or feel the same about it and act decisively as a group.

Many times, English readers might use the phrase “as one man” to refer to physical activities that seem choreographed, or other cases where people act in a concerted way.

Source: ... ne-man.htm

That is, the crowd is technically not human, an "inanimate object", but by saying that it is doing things "as one" you are personifying it. So, it raise, it cheers, it do things "as one" too.

When you talk about people, real people, you can say they did something in unison:
This structure favored the privileged classes, as the clergy and nobility tended to vote in unison, united against the urban representatives.

There is, those classes voted as one.
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great translate, thanks by the tip of the web address!
PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
You´re welcome. And, you know, by divulging a link one saves a ton of explanation, he hee.
Have a nice weekend.