What do these words have in common?

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The words are: "alabamium, brevium, davyum, canadium, celtium, helvetium, ilinium, moseleyum, nipponium, pluranium and uralium." Aside from their suffixes, these are the names given for elements supposedly discovered in the first half of the 20th century which turned out, alas, to be nonexistent.

I came across this curious fact in a review of Eric Scerri's new book, "A Tale of Seven Elements" (Oxford UP, 2013), found at http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/b ... 99.article

Now, the thing is that each name obviously reflects the finder's intention to bring glory to his home country or to a scientist from his country. Here's my rough guess of where these unlucky scientists were from:

American: 2
Canadian: 1
British: 3
Irish: 1
Danish: 1
Japanese: 1
Russian: 1

I have the book on hold at my local library. Whenever I get to read it, I will confirm my guesses. But you can make yours now if you wish.
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