Common Adjective +Prepostion Expressions

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Common Adjective +Prepostion Expressions:
Em inglês, alguns adjetivos são seguidos de determinadas preposições:
Be accustomed to
I’m not accustomed to living in a country town.
I’m not accustomed to her rudeness.
I’m accustomed to his kindness.
Be afraid of
She’s afraid of lightning and thunder.
He’s afraid of dogs.
Debra is afraid of getting sick.
Be amazed at/by something
He was amazed at her beauty.
She is amazed by his intelligence.
Be angry with someone for doing something
Are you angry with me for eating the last slice of pizza?
Domenico is angry about the high price of pasta in Italy.
Be angry about something
I am angry about the high cost of living in Brazil.
Be ashamed of
You should be ashamed of yourself! You have failed in your test for not having studied hard.
Be awful at
John is awful at Maths.
Be bad at
Jack is bad at names.
Be bored with/by
I’m bored with John.
I’m bored by the low quality of TV programmes in Brazil.
Be capable of
You are capable of anything.
She is capable of speaking Russian.
Be careful of
You must be careful of what you say to people nowadays.
Be concerned about
She was concerned about her job.
Be content with
He is content with his current job.
Be curious about
He was curious about her story.
Be excited about
I’m excited about my trip.
Be famous for
She is famous for her bad temper.
Be fond of
I’m fond of cats.
Be glad about
I’m glad about having English Experts to learn English.
Be good at
He’s very good at Geography.
Be happy about
We are happy about their wedding.
Be interested in
I’m interested in History.
Be nervous about
He’s nervous about his job.
Be opposed to
He is strongly opposed to abortion.
Be pleased about
Kath is pleased about her trip to Italy.
Be ready for
He is ready for the challenge.
Be responsible for
He is responsible for the improvement in the school building.
Be sad about
She is sad about him.
Giovane is sad about having to move out.
Be safe from
He is safe from danger in this shelter.
Be satisfied with
Todd is satisfied with his progress at work.
Be sick of
We are all sick of corruption.
Be slow at
Ekaterina is slow at reading in English.
Be sorry about something
I’m sorry about that.
She is sorry for your loss.
Sorry for doing something:
He is sorry for being rude to her.
Be surprised at/by something
I was surprised at his reaction when I told him the truth.
Be terrible at
Boris is terrible at Geometry.
Francesco is terrible at gardening.
Be tired of
I’m tired of running.
She’s tired of him.
Gianfranco is tired of the monotony of his life.
Be used to
We are used to studying English.
Be worried about
I’m worried about inflation.

Fonte: A lista dos adjetivos eu tirei do livro: Focus on Grammar Intermediate (Longman- 1994)

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