Como dizer "águas paradas são profundas" em Inglês

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Como dizer "águas paradas são profundas" em Inglês?

R.: Still waters run deep.

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Good topic, in Portuguese one would say things like "os quietinhos são os piores/as quietinhas são as piores", anyway it´s just one label among others.
Others would think that "as piriguetes são as piores/as baratinadas/as desp***ocadas" são as piores.
One can´t please everyone, Greeks and Trojans.

http://references-definitions.blurtit.c ... -deep-mean

It means that people who are very quiet, especially people who don't talk about or draw attention to themselves, will often surprise you. They may turn out to have something unexpected in their past, or to have done things you wouldn't expect. More often though, it refers to their character: eg, the person has very strong feelings which they don't reveal.
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On the other hand, there´s the other meaning to that sentence. That of ordinary people that ("all of sudden" to outsiders) accomplish or do great things. Or people that are strong in spite of their outside appearances.