Como dizer "Aproveitar enquanto pode" em inglês

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make hay while the sun shines:(saying) to do something while the situation or conditions are right ; to make good use of opportunities, good conditions, etc. while they last.

Jane: While my husband's out of town, I'm going to watch all the movies he wouldn't take me to see.
Jane: Why not? Make hay while the sun shines.

We've got a few days off work so lets make hay while the sun shines and do some landscaping around the back of the house.

Jim works too much, but he reckons he's just making hay while the sun shines. He says he'll slow down once he's made his fortune.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
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Strike while the iron is hot.

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As duas situações acima também poderiam ser traduzidas como "fazer enquanto pode." Muitas vezes pode ser intercambiável (fazer/aproveitar).
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Do it while you can

''It’s fun, but it’s also exhausting because you’re nonstop walking,” said Gomolka, who got to meet rapper Flo Rida at the parade.“I’ll probably try to do it next year, and the year after that, and until I can’t do it anymore when I’m 18. If you have the opportunity, you should do it while you can.” [ - USA]
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Yep, very good one too!