Como dizer "Bichinho com olhar carente nas ruas" em inglês

Como na frase abaixo:

Para aqueles que amam os animais, é difícil ver um bichinho com olhar carente nas ruas e não se compadecer.


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My two cent´s worth:

To those that love animals is difficult to see a stray/abandoned animal with those big eyes/with those begging eyes is not always easy to resist!

Instead of stray/abandoned animal, you could put "at the streets", somehow it could express that we mean "stray animal".
And instead of "animals" (if you wish) could be kittens and pups (it would narrow the options a bit, but it´s the usual - if you don´t mean more animals).

Someone else has written: A pair of eyes. Sad eyes, begging eyes, lost and hurt.

More ideas, and words related to the subject.
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