Como dizer "Coisa de minutos" em inglês

'Amar você é coisa de minutos'

How can I say 'coisa de minutos' in English?
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There are certainly plenty of ways to express that, I can think of two right now, it would depend on context:
(a) one/everyone/you would fall for her/him instantly
Meet Masoud for just a minute and you will fall for him.
(b) Meet Masoud for just a minute and you will fall for his charm.

(a) may or may not be in terms of falling for someone romantically and (b) is more of a personality thing, said of someone that we admire for her/his beauty, traits, ways of speaking and behaving.

Of course, things may evolve from (b) to (a) (I mean, if one uses the first word expressing love or strong affection).

Plus, the expression one could also instantly get infatuated with" someone else. But then the word "infatuated" would have a certain ring of "efemeral" (but you would not be sued if you used it.)
Very nice answer! Thanks Paulo