Como dizer ''Fique à vontade'' (em um restaurante) em inglês

Trabalho numa cafeteria e às vezes vou limpar a mesa e a pessoa senta, e agradece.

Eu digo:

“No problem”

Mas eu queria dizer “NO PROBLEM FIQUE À VONTADE”

Como dizer isto nesta situação?
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Make yourself at home
Feel comfortable

Those are two good options

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It isn´t clear from your account if they have just arrived or they are 'campers' (patrons that linger long after they have finished their meal or their drink - coffee in your case).
I think newly arrived patrons, but a "welcome (at our caffeteria)" and "good morning", etc goes a long way. And to the 'campers' "take your time." and if they are about to leave "Thank you very much and hope to see you very soon!" might do.

Anyway, it´s a bit of guesswork on my part, people into restaurant lingo might chime in and improve the answer or add some insights. See you around.

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Back to the drawing board, since another probability presents:

For some unspecified reason the patron sits before cleaning up (I mean, wiping in this case). She asks you to wipe the table, please.
You say "yes, sure!"
While you do the wiping you can just inform (in a pleasant way) that "it will take just a moment/a while" OR "it will be quick" and then greet her with a "welcome..." and "good morning/good night, etc" (that I mentioned before). A "feel at home" would come in handy as well.
And then in the meantime you can make some suggestion about some kind of coffee or ask if if the patron likes decaf or gourmet or regular coffee, etc. (small talk).
Of course, it's about the customer not about you or the conversation itself. If he/she isn't an extrovert (or isn't in the mood) don't be nosy, prying.
Gauge the situation and the patron mood, their general behavior and demeanor. Be polite, civil, nice.
Good luck on your study. ... 27sAcademy ... roductions