Como dizer "Isso dá dinheiro" em inglês

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Como dizer "Isso dá dinheiro" em inglês?

Engineering gives money?

Sounds strange.
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Para dizer "dar dinheiro", no sentido de "ser lucrativo", sugiro fazer uso de "make money", como em "engineering makes money" (engenharia dá dinheiro).

"Engineering makes money. ▫ Engineering has social value. ▫ Engineering impacts life. ▫ Engineering prepares students for a variety of careers and lifestyles." [University of Colorado Boulder - USA]
  • It makes money. [Isso dá dinheiro, é lucrativo.]
  • It doesn't make money. [Isto não dá dinheiro, não é lucrativo.]
  • Does it make money? [Isto dá dinheiro, é lucrativo?]
  • It makes a lot of money. [Isso dá muito dinheiro.]
  • It makes more money than selling water. [Isso dá mais dinheiro do que vender água.]
  • It's very enjoyable, but it doesn't make much money. [É muito divertido, mas não dá muito dinheiro.]
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Just my twopence´s worth:

If you want to make a lot of money, Engineering (is the major) for you; don´t forget you may have to pull long hours, have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders and deal with people; at times, difficult people.

Engineering is one of the highest-paying colleg majors.

Money is one advantage of Engineering, yet one Engineer earns as per knowledge and experience in the field.

Engineers can earn good money. You also may weigh some things if you are going to be into Engineering for a living:

- It´s not advisable if you naturally sucks at Math.
- The early wages may suck, and when you complete the internship, you may or may not land another job the soonest (gap in employment).
- Yada yada yada.

Engineering is a high paying job (these days).

And other ways, I tried to show positive and negative sentences, you know, in every job there are the pros and cons, many times depending on the people that is talking to you at the moment, his experience being good or bad, etc.