Como dizer "Madeira!!!!!" em inglês

You can usually see this expression in cartoons, when somebody cuts down a tree, and he or she is waiting for it to fall.

They usually say: "Madeeeeeiraaaaaa!!!!!", to kind of warn everybody who is close and might be hit by the tree while it is falling.

Is there any equivalent way to say that in English?

Thank you in advance! ;)

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Telma Regina 9 62 593
I saw in an american movie years ago a man saying timber when the tree was falling down.
He said like this: tiiimbeeer...
Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k


: used as an interjection to warn people nearby that a cut tree is about to fall ▪ They shouted “Timber!” as the tree began to fall. -Merriam-Webster's