Como dizer "Ou caga ou desocupa a moita" em inglês

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Português: ou faz o que tem que ser feito, ou deixa que alguém faça.
Inglês: fish or cut bait: Do something or get out of the way; something that you say to someone when you want them to make a decision and take action without any more delay. - Thefreedictionary

  1. Fish or cut bait, Chuck. There's work to be done here.
  2. Your relationship's going nowhere. It's time to fish or cut bait.
  3. The time has come when you have to fish or cut bait - either you help us plan what to do or we will decide and go ahead without you.

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sh*t or get off the pot.

Stuart Flexner, author of "I Hear America Talking", states that it is a vulgar rephrasing of the old New England expression "Fish or cut bait". (Wikipedia)