Como dizer "pega trouxa" em inglês

Cinnamon 15 61 498
Hi there!

Me perguntaram ontem qual seria o equivalente a expressão pega-trouxa in English.
I really don't know...

I've heard "practical jokes" meaning "pegadinha".

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Donay Mendonça 22 103 1.5k
O contexto fornecido é insuficiente para uma resposta. Como parte das regras, pedimos que forneça uma explicação e um exemplo de uso.
Cinnamon 15 61 498
She was talking about that referring to another way to say false friends (false cognates) in English.

I understood the "expression" (I don't know if there is a word meaning that, maybe is a slang) like in the example below:

I hate Brazilian politicians because their priorities are "pega-trouxa" (to decieve // decieving people)...

I found in Portuguese the following>
"Significado de pega-trouxa: 1. Ardil, embuste, armadilha para enganar pessoas incautas; 2. Que diz respeito a, ou contém ardil, embuste, enganação" ... Acho que funciona como um noun (not a verb)

Sorry if my previous message was unclear, as a newcomer I still learning some rules. Believe or not I am 42 and this is the first "social network" I subscribed... And I think this website is fantastic.
Donay Mendonça 22 103 1.5k

1. ''Pegadinha'' em inglês

2. ''I hate Brazilian politicians because they are always conning people.''

Con: to trick someone, especially in order to get money from them or persuade them to do something for you. [Oxford - USA]

Bons estudos. Compartilhe.
Breckenfeld 3 15 127
My suggestion:

Dupe trap.

PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
And there´s also this form of "pegadinha", this one that at first "it seems too good to be true" and then you learn that "there´s no free lunch", there´s always a catch...
Or some kind of condition/trade-off that seems "invisible" at first!

0% car loans - there is always a catch.
Empréstimos a 0%, há sempre uma pegadinha. ... atch-19759

================== ... always-is/

Some people are worried about this trade-off, though, because it seems to indicate that de Blasio prioritizes function over style to a degree that might have the effect of turning New York into a city of, well, ugly buildings. Critics note that “Bloomberg’s city planner Amanda Burden notoriously weighed in on pavers and benches,” while de Blasio “cares a lot about affordable housing, less about how high the towers grow, and not at all about the minutiae of design.” But does this mean that we’re going to soon have development after development go up that looks like WPA-era housing projects? Hardly. De Blasio isn’t (and never was) the communist ideologue that his detractors always made him out to be. Hell, he’s not even ushering in a new era of rampant crime! (Murders are down by almost 20% from this time last year.) All that it means is that our new, progressive mayor is much more flexible about tower height than he is about making sure the people who need affordable housing can stay in this city.