Como dizer "selfie do fulano" em inglês

Olá, pessoal, quando nós falamos de selfies e fotos em geral, nós usamos "of somebody" or "from somebody"?

Já vi as duas formas e fiquei em dúvida se deveria dizer, por exemplo, "I love the selfies of Manuela" ou "I love the selfies from Manuela".

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"Of" is the right way to talk about snapping a selfie/taking a selfie of somebody, in fact most of the time people don´t mention the "of". See the pics at the following site, please, and notice that "take/takes a selfie" is more to the point -since there´s no need to mention "of" (is of yourself, ain´t it?). ... -the-year/

Anyway, talking about another person´s selfie, you can use "of", you are talking about ''propriety", say image rights, etc. As Nikki Sweetman would explain to you ... rs-4910837

"From" usually means "of origin", that is, where the selfie comes, from someone or from something. As in:

One Woman's Clever Campaign to Banish Selfies from her Newsfeed. ... hy-contest

Selfie from the past.
Selfie from Sports.
Selfie from 2014.
Selfies from December, 31.
The best selfies from the space.

And so on and on...
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Muito obrigada por esclarecer minha dúvida, PPaulo. Obrigada mesmo =D
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You´re welcome, and all English learners. By the way, it´s a way to avoid my English getting rusty. ;)
So, glad that it clarified your doubt.
I like fulano's selfies Eu gosto das selfies do fulano
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It´s me or sounds like you are mixing English with Portuguese, huh?
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No really, if you google that sentence for example Oliver's selfies or another name you'll check it out I've heard it from some native speakers
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So-and-so, John Doe, the guy, some guy, such fellow, such one, etc...

In your case one could also say, "I like her/his selfies/I like somebody else´s selfies' etc.

In your other example we could say that "I like (any given name - the name of the person), for example "I like Olivier".

There´s no word or entry with "fulano" in English Dictionaries, that was my point. Either you say all of it in Portuguese "Eu gosto das fotos de fulano" (translation: I like the photo of Mr. X/John Doe, etc). One just can´t mix up bits of both languages in the same sentence.
really ? dude that was an example I know that fulano isn't a word in English I know, but he said fulano so I took an example from his text
if he types Sarah John or Jolie I would take it as an example
so I know that isn't a word in English I think we're here to help people don't freak out about one word
so I think he gave as an example the word fulano cuz he didn't wanna to type a real name
In my city, we haven't used this word "fulano"
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No problem, I see your point. Please regard that just as a positive criticism and the willingness to help, that is, at first it seemed unfamiliar to me. Maybe I didn´t expressed myself well. Thanks for your participation and the same willingness to help others, a trait that is always welcome at this site. ;)
Let´s continue on our everyday learning. :P
Don't worry dude
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