Como dizer “Teto salarial” em inglês

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Em Português: Teto salarial
Em Inglês ......: Salary cap

A limit on the salaries paid to the employees of an organization imposed by government or some other body. (Wiktionary)
1 – There was no salary cap in place at the time. (

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Salary ceiling - teto salarial.

A salary ceiling could be a figure: "The CEO´s salary ceiling is 678,000 R$ in this company. The executives immediatelly under him (CFO, CTO and CIO) have the salary ceiling of 406,800 R$.

Or it may be expressed as multiples of a given salary (at least in Brazil):
The CEO´s salary is up to a ceiling of 1,000 minimum wages, whereas the salary ceiling of the others executives is of 600 minimum wages.