Como dizer "treino de academia" em inglês

Oi pessoal
bom, minha dúvida é quanto a cartilha de treino, sabe? Queria saber como ficaria essa frase "Meu corpo está doendo porque o meu treino da academia mudou"

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Hi, Seli.

For this statement, we can say:

" My body aches due to the changing of my gym training."

I'd like to hightlight you 2 points as below:

1) Remember that when we refer to a continuous pain in our body but not a sharp one, we have to use the verb 'ache'. It can be also used as a suffix in some words. That's why this word is attached to some kind of illnesses or pain in our body, like: 'headache, backache, stomachache, toothace'.

2) As for me, 'gym training' can be applied for 'treino de academia'

I hope it helps you.

All the best.
Dor muscula pós treino = Muscle Soreness

Treino de academia = Workout Program

Na frase fica: My muscles are sore because i changed my workout program.
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Some small revisions you should think about:

"I'd like to hightlight you 2 points as below:" -->> I'd like to highlight two points, (as follows)

(You don't highlight 'you'. You highlight the points. `As below` isn't appropriate.)

"As for me, ..." --> To me, / In my opinion, / etc.

('As for me' is awkward.)
Hi, thanks for your msg.

It's pretty important for me. I'm gonna have it in mind for the next time.

All the best.