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Hello everyone who’s reading this article, today I’d like to talk about the Japanese language, well, I guess most of you guys are wondering “Why will this guy talk about Japanese, well, for those who don’t know, I’m able to speak Japanese, but I don’t live in Japan at all, I live in Australia, I started learning Japanese when I was 16 years old, back then I was learning Spanish, but I didn’t give up on learning Japanese at all, Japanese is one of the languages I speak most when I’m talking to Japanese people, it’s the language I use most when I’m watching anime and reading Mangas in Japanese, I ain’t married to a Japanese woman at all, I’m married to a Brazilian woman, in fact, I’m brazilian too, I’ve always been crazy about the Japanese culture and the Japanese language, when I started learning Japanese, my Japanese wasn’t as good as it is today, over the past few years, I guess my Japanese has really improved, when I started learning Japanese, I wondered if it’d be worth learning it, well, I ain’t regret learning it, My uncle told me I should’ve learnt Mandarin instead of Japanese, it took a long time to convince him it’d be worth learning Japanese, well, learning Japanese helped me learning languages which are similar to it like Korean, I’ve been learning Korean so far without any problem, I still wanna learn Chinese someday, but for the time being, I wanna teach myself Russian, I’ll be learning Russian one year from now, I really wanna devote myself to it.
So many people say Japanese is the hardest language to learn, I don’t think it’s the hardest language to learn, there are languages which are more complex than Japanese, it doesn’t matter if the language you wanna learn is hard, you can learn it anyway, I like learning Hard languages because I can challenge myself and train my brain.
I have a blog called Let’s talk about languages, on this blog, I post articles which are related to languages, I also give some tips for those who wanna learn languages, I’ve been posting a series of posts about how to learn Japanese on it,
Well, that’s it for today, I hope you guys have enjoyed this video a lot, if you guys wanna read more articles like this, leave a comment down below.

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