Correção de texto em inglês: "Talking about a movie"

Lucas Queiroz 475 1 15
This week I watched the Movie “Life of Pi”, then I decide to make an text about him.

“Life of Pi” tell the history of an Indian boy, named Pi, and your family. They’re moving from US when happen an accident with ship and so start the adventure de Pi in ocean. This movie remember me other called “Cast Away” that I enjoy it too. I think both excellent movies and worthwhile watch them.

Thanks for read.
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DHST 695 1 2 14
I watched the movie “Life of Pi” this week, so I decided to write (a short text) about it.

“Life of Pi” tells the story of an indian boy, named Pi, and his family. They’re moving from the US when an accident takes place with the ship they're in and that's how the adventure of Pi starts in the ocean. This movie reminds me of another movie called “Cast Away” that I also happen to enjoy equally. I think they are both excellent movies and worthwhile watching.

Thanks for reading.

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Lucas Queiroz 475 1 15
Porque "I think they are both excellent"? Isso não ficaria algo como "Eu acho eles são ambos excelentes?"

PPAULO 56060 6 43 1005
I think they are both excellent...

Eu acho que os dois são excelentes.
It´s a way to say ''In my opinion the two of them/in my view both are excellent."

And you can see the word worder in this piece of text, on Amazon, for example. ... B001418W2C