Correção de Texto: Talking about Narcos

Could you please correct this?

I'd like to talk about Narcos. In this last week I had finished the third season. I'm a really impressed about that serie, that was a such great serie, really. I have to admit I missed Wagner Moura in that season, cause he was great in first and second season, but there were other great actors, too. On and off, when I was watching it, I used to stop that to looking for the real characters. In that season, he talked about Callí Cartel, one of the biggest Cocaine producers of the world. It's so hard to believe that everything told is really. I'm kind of sad, cause I have to wait until next year to see the fourth season, but I think it will be worth.

You otta see that serie.

Now I'm looking forward to seeing the next season of Stranger Things, I love it too.
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