Correção pedroedwarddixon: Is Russian really hard to learn?

Hello everyone, my name is Pedro, I’m from Brazil, well, today there is an interesting topic that I’d like to talk about today, the Russian language. Well, I’ve been learning this language for so long and many people say, wow, how have you been learning Russian for so long, well I don’t know exactly how to explain it to you guys, Russian is one of my favorite languages, it is one of the languages I speak most, I was interested in learning Russian a couple of years ago, in 2016, I wanted to learn Russian, but I wasn’t pretty sure if I should learn it, but when I started listening to Russian music, I ended up falling in love with the Russian language.
Many people often ask me questions about how hard it is to learn Russian, well, Russian is a very different language, most of the European people aren’t used to learn languages like Russian, as Russian was derived from the proto-balto Slavic language, the Russian language wasn’t influenced by Latin, of course there are some words which came from Latin, but Latin didn’t influence Russian at all, it is worth pointing out there are several languages around the world which are harder to learn than Russian, the only challenges I had to learn Russian were the pronunciation and the grammatical cases, the accusative case, the genitive case, the nominative case.
But after a while, I ended up getting used to, if you learn Russian, you can learn other languages which are similar to it like Polish, Czech, and Ukrainian.
I have some booklets to study Russian at home, most of my knowledge of Russian, I acquired it thanks to these booklets
One year from now I’ll be learning Polish or I guess I’ll at least try learning it, one of the reasons why I want to learn Polish is because I love learning challenging languages, I don’t care if the language I want to learn is hard, I don’t care about it at all.
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