Exercício de Inglês: Future

Complete the sentences with the correct future tense/tenses and the verb
1. The train leaves at 10.00 am tomorrow morning.
2. We're going away next weekend, we’ve booked
Two nights in a hotel. (go)
3. When I finish this course, I'm going to travel around Europe.
4. By the end of this month, they'll have moved into their new
Apartment in London. (moved)
5. My computer is broken! Don’t worry I'll help you. (help)
6. If the movie starts at 8.00 pm, we'll watch it until 10.00
Pm at least. (watch)
7. Sarah's having a meeting with her boss tomorrow
Morning. (have)
8. The meeting starts at 2.00 pm this afternoon. (start)
9. It’s been snowing all morning, but hopefully it's going to stop by
This afternoon. (stop)
10. He's going to look for a new job next year. (look for)
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