Exercício: Texto em Inglês com os Advérbios de Frequência

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Confira um texto em inglês com os advérbios de frequência. Coloque o seu conhecimento em prática.

1. Texto - Text

The Hardworking Family

John is a hardworking man. He always gets up early to work and to do all the things he has to do. Mary, John's wife, helps him and she usually spends a lot of time at work with John. John works all the time.

John and Mary have three children who often complain that their parents work too much and seldom enjoy life. They say, "Dad, you and Mom should take a break from work and try to have some fun. You never relax."

John's answer is: "Sometimes I think of taking a vacation, but who will pay our bills?". Mary agrees with John and says that someday their children will understand the situation.

2. Traduza os advérbios de frequência do texto.

A. Always:
B. Usually:
C. Often:
D. Sometimes:
E. Seldom:
F. Never:

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