Exercício: Texto em Inglês sobre Profissões

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Confira aqui um texto em inglês sobre profissões (com as profissões) com exercícios.

1. Text

Jacob is a doctor, and he is married to Bella who is a nurse. They work at the same hospital every day, and have very little time to take care of their children, so they have a nanny who helps them at home. Their nanny's name is Rose. Rose is a calm and friendly woman who takes care of Charles and Maya.

Charles and Maya go to school in the morning and they love their teachers. The school's principal says that Charles and Maya are so happy every time they arrive at school. When the bus driver arrives to pick them up, they are always laughing and playing.

These kids love to study too, and Maya says she doesn't want to be a doctor or a nurse, she wants to be an engineer; and Charles says he wants to be a lawyer or a veterinarian, or maybe a dentist.

Jacob and Bella are happy that their kids are so nice!

2. Mark True or False - Verdadeiro ou Falso

A. Jacob and Bella are doctors. (xxx)
B. Charles is a dentist. (xxx)
C. Maya is a lawyer. (xxx)
D. Jacob and Bella work at a hospital. (xxx)
E. Rose is a nanny. (xxx)

3. Traduza as profissões do texto

A. Doctor:
B. Nurse:
C. Nanny:
D. Teacher:
E. Principal:
F. Bus driver:
G. Engineer:
H. Lawyer:
I. Veterinarian:
J. Dentist:

Bons estudos.
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