Existe ordem correta da palavra just em uma frase?

Por exemplo, nas frases: It must be just my imagination ou it must just be my imagination. Qual está correta? Existe uma ordem para usar a palavra just nesse sentido ?

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"It must be" usually come in this sequence, in one piece (it must be...something). The "something" here would be "just my imagination".
Sometimes someone could use "it just must be my imagination", though. I am not going to say it´s wrong, but it may lead to ambiguity.
An example if we write "it must be just the opposite" (must to me would be probability/possibility here), whereas with "it just must be the opposite" may seem like "must" having the meaning of "strong recommendation" reinforced by "just". But they use it the other way, so one has only to be careful with the context then.
Well, it´s my thinking here, others may think different and comment on. Let´s wait for more, then.