How do you evaluate your English learning progress?

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Question: How do you evaluate your English learning progress?

- I've been studying English for around three years, but it's seasonal, I often kind of get stuck and give up. After a while I start it all again.
- I use the timetable suggested in this post and once a month I stop to rethink everything I've learned and try to assimilate it better.
- As I attend English classes in a school, I take the tests and receive a grade assessment comparing my development in each semester.

Now it is your turn!
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PPAULO 47765 6 40 847
My learning is a ramdom thing, and I can say the same about my study scheme (which I don´t advise anyone to follow, ha ha.)
English is a hobby of sorts to me, at the end of the day it´s something that really unwind me.
Anyway, if I had to measure my progress, I could say it have improved a lot in the last ten years or so (remember, I don´t study in a - let´s say - formal way).
For the record, I am not against studying at English schools, I myself took a year-long course and it was conversational (or supposed to be, but at times we switched to Portuguese. More often than not.)
I might have ran the whole gamut of learning English, from bad to passable English, to a feeling of being good at it, to having met the learning plateau, and then to the admission that I don´t know much of it.
But I do like learning things, that keeps me going, it tickles my fancy. I know that there are many things to learn, long road ahead, but I am really glad to get where I am.
In the future, I might to take English classes, sit the CPE, TOELF, what you have...anyway, for the time being I study by myself (taking benefit from the books, magazines, sites, and other tools), and am a regular visitor to this site (and some other educational sites as well).
I am a student that enjoy a continuous learning and to share some my little knowledge with the fellow learners. That´s it, until next time.

Fidalgo Charles Mor
I'm new student in inglish, I have not good progress but... I lke inglesh language so,i going to language school to learn about English language

PPAULO 47765 6 40 847
Omg! I meant "random thing"! But, like they say, rushing things leads you to making mistakes...

Now, just a little correction Fidalgo, if I may:
I'm new student of English, I have improved much but (or have not made much progress)... I like the English language, so I am going to a language school to learn it.
Aside notes (notas adicionais e parentéticas):

Em português mesmo para facilitar pra você.
1) Nunca diga que não fez progresso, não se venda barato, você fez progresso sim! Uma vez que está se expressando (nós podemos entender o que você quer dizer, só faltou um pouco organizar as ideias e um pouco de gramática). Mas não é fácil escrever, até para nós com alguns anos de estrada, acredite!
2) A palavra "eu" em inglês é sempre grafada em letra maiúscula "I", eis o porquê da edição para "so I am going...", valeu?
Um abraço.

Amanda Maio 20
I think I'm doing well, the exercises helped me a lot, ESL audios also improve my English day by day.
I'm at beginner level yet, but I learned very things, words and expressions!
And the EE encouraged me with posts, foruns and other things.. This website is very good for all English levels :)

PPAULO 47765 6 40 847
Yes, Amanda. You have learned a lot of things (I think you didn´t mean "very", a little correction here if I may). Congrats on your writing and your interest for all things English. ;-)

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