How do you learn to speak more than 12 languages?

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Have you ever dreamed of being able to speak dozens of languages? A new book, Babel No More by journalist Michael Erard, traces the history of people who can do just that: hyperpolyglots, people who speak 11 or more languages.
Obviously, hyperpolyglotism is a trained skill. No one just wakes up speaking multiple languages, but there may be factors that make it easier. As Erard told the Huffington Post, “Hyperpolyglots are not born, and they are not made, but they are born to be made. There is a finite subset of the human population which has the right neurological equipment for learning and using lots of languages.”

Learn more about the book here.

Want to get started on your hyperpolyglotism? Even Cardinal Mezzofanti used flashcards to help him hone the many languages he spoke. You can too with Word Dynamo.


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