Indicação de seriado ou filme com temas da área da saúde

Lucilene Oliveira
Alguém teria alguma indicação de seriado ou filme, com temas da área da saúde, medicina e etc? No próximo ano vou prestar TEAP, e acredito que filmes e seriados ajudariam nos estudos ! Obrigada
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There are some on TV the likes of "Grey Anatomy", ER, Private Practice (a spin-off of Grey Anatomy), Dr. House (a diagnostic drama with an assortment of different cases).
As for movies I will leave it to others to answer, since there are some movies wich the subject are some conditions (Lorenzo´s oil, Rain Man) etc, some that features characters with Amnesia, OCD, and so on. Anyway, to watch an entire film to learn about a single subject, can be a bit time-consuming...
As a complement (leisure time, if any), you can read some papers on the Scielo site, the BBC "Health" column, and others.
Let´s wait for more comments from experts.

On Youtube you can also see some clips on a range of matters, like cardiology, neurology, what you have.
On chanells like this:

Diogenes Barros Did 10 and grey's anatomy this is my favorits series

House, Hart of Dixie, Grey's Anatomy...

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Se quiser um livro com esse tema > 'Nothing Lasts Forever' do Sidney Sheldon é ótimo!