Como dizer "está na área, tá na área" em inglês

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Português: estar na área ( = estar pronto para agir)
Inglês: to be ready for action

Exemplo traduzido:

I'm ready for action.
Estou na área.
Tô na área.

Do Los Angeles Times

''If asked, the retired major general said, he is ready for action [ele está na área]. "Anything that will help the Iraqi people, I will not hesitate to accept," he said.''

  1. ''And the former York, Charlton and Portsmouth No.1 insists that he is ready for action [tá na área] whenever he is called upon.'' []
  2. Paltrow feels "younger than ever and more energetic" at 40. ''Gwyneth Paltrow feels “more energetic” than ever before. ''The Iron Man 3 actress expressed that she is feeling incredibly active in her forties. About seven months ago, around the time of her 40th birthday, Gwen told E! News she was “getting old” for action movies. Now that Iron Man 3 is due to hit theatres next weekend, Gwyneth has considerably changed her tune on the matter. "Ever since I've turned 40 [in September], I feel younger than ever and more energetic," she gushed to the outlet. "I'm ready. I'm ready for action now [estou na área agora]." Gwyneth shares eight-year-old daughter Apple and seven-year-old son Moses with Coldplay star Chris Martin. []
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jackmorais 150 2
"In the zone" também rola, não?
Donay Mendonça 62660 22 99 1518
Sim, me parece uma boa opção. "In the zone" me faz pensar também em "está com tudo", "está a mil", "está em plena forma".

In the zone (mainly American informal): If you are in the zone, you are happy or excited because you are doing something easily and with skill. [Thefreedictionary]


My legs are feeling strong and my breathing's good - I'm in the zone! [Estou na área!]

Bons estudos!
jackmorais 150 2
Sim, sim, muito comum ouvir americano falar que tá "in the zone " e "in the house" também.