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LA ISLA BONITA [Original lyric] LA ISLA BONITA [Tradução]
Como puede ser verdad? Como pode ser verdade?
Last night I dreamt of San Pedro Na última noite, eu tive um sonho sobre San Pedro
Just like I'd never gone, I knew the song Como se nunca tivesse ido, eu conhecia a canção
A young girl with eyes like the desert Uma jovem garota com olhos como o deserto
It all seems like yesterday, not far away Parece que tudo foi ontem, não muito longe
Tropical, the island breeze Tropical, a brisa da ilha
All of nature, wild and free Toda a natureza, selvagem e livre
This is where I long to be É aqui que desejo estar
La isla bonita A ilha bonita
And when the samba played E quando o samba sacudia
The sun would set so high O sol desaparecia lá no alto
Ring through my ears Ecoando em meus ouvidos
And sting my eyes e fazendo meus olhos arderem
Your Spanish lullaby Sua cantiga espanhola
I fell in love with San Pedro Eu me apaixonei por San Pedro
Warm wind carried on the sea O vento morno carregado pelo mar
He called to me Ele me chamava a atenção
Te dijo: Te amo (Ele) disse: (eu) amo você
I prayed that the days would last Eu orei para que os dias continuassem
They went so fast Eles se foram tão rápido
I want to be where the sun warms the sky Quero estar onde o sol aquece o céu
When it's time for siesta Quando for a hora da siesta
you can watch them go by Você poderá vê-los de passagem
Beautiful faces, no cares in this world Gente bonita, nada com que se preocupar
Where a girl loves a boy Onde uma garota ama um rapaz
And a boy loves a girl E um rapaz ama uma garota
Last night I dreamt of San Pedro Na última noite, eu tive um sonho sobre San Pedro
It all seems like yesterday, not far away Parece que tudo foi ontem, não muito longe
La la la... Te dijo: Te amo La la la... (ele) disse: (eu) amo você
La la la... El dijo que te ama La la la... Ele disse que lhe ama
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(1) The instrumental version of the song was first offered to Michael Jackson before Madonna both accepted it and wrote the lyrics and melody with Patrick Leonard and Bruce Gaitsch. La Isla Bonita is considered the first Madonna's song to contain Latin influences, with arrangements of Cuban drums and Spanish guitar, maracas, harmonicas and a mix of synthesized and real drumming. It became Madonna's fourth number-one single in the United Kingdom, giving her the record for most number-one singles for a female artist as well as the best-selling single of 1987 in Europe. Over the years, several media outlets have speculated about music - and mentioned that it might refer to the San Pedro neighborhood in Belize's Ambergris Caye island - a small country in Central America.

However, Madonna clarified to Rolling Stone, an American monthly magazine: "I don't know where San Pedro is. At that point, I wasn't a person who went on holidays to beautiful islands. I may have been on the way to the studio and seen an exit ramp for San Pedro." She described the song as her tribute to the "beauty and mystery of Latin American people". So, until Madonna says otherwise, San Pedro can be anywhere - or wherever you want.

(2) A siesta is a short nap taken in the early afternoon, often after the midday meal. Such a period of sleep is a common tradition in some countries, particularly those where the weather is warm.

(3) The verses in italics are in Spanish language.


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(4) LAMBERT, Craig, PhD (July–August 2005). Deep into Sleep. While researchers probe sleep's functions, sleep itself is becoming a lost art. Harvard Magazine. Date of access: 01-22-2021.
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