Phrasal Verb: Cowboy up

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This morning, I was watching ''White Collar'' and I saw a curious verb, It's ''cowboy up'' the sentence was

''Do I really gotta stay here''? Answer > Cowboy up! at least one time in your life, be a man!

Urban dictionary definition for it> '' Basically, another way of saying "Shut up and take it like a man" or "Quit your whining." The term is derived from the popular image of cowboys being tough, unflinching, uncomplaining, and hard-working.

"Cowboy up, man. What would John Wayne say if he heard you complaining over a little hard work?"

''You have to be a man! Cowboy Up!

I found it very interesting and I wanted to share it with you all.
That's all
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Yep, sometimes "up" has this ring of "grow up and be mature/accept/don´t be such a whining child about it...etc" When someone is expressing that you are expected to do what you have to do.

though it up. (be strong, go! you can! but it´s up to you - and you alone.)

suck it up. (less polite, though).
grow up.

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It can be an equivalent to "shut up" in a number of ways, but not necessarily so.