Sufixo -ify / -fy

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Google Rainbow-fies Search Box for ‘Gay’ and ‘Lesbian’ Search Results
(Google Arco-irisa Caixa de Pesquisa para Resultado de Pesquisa de ´Gay´ e ´Lesbian´)

In light of the Supreme Court’s DOMA ruling, Google has created a rainbow border around the box at the top of search results for the terms “gay” and “lesbian." Time - June 26, 2013

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Segundo o Longman:

-ify [in verbs] also -fy suffix:

1 to make something be in a particular state or condition:
to purify (=make or become pure)
to clarify the situation (=make it clear)

2 to fill someone with a particular feeling:
Spiders terrify me (=make me very afraid).

3 informal to do something in a silly or annoying way:
to speechify (=make speeches, using important sounding words)

4 to make something or someone be like or typical of a person or group:
Frenchified (=like the French)
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