That's "good enough" for me. I'm happy!

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After reading this article I felt a whole lot better about my middling lifetime achievements!

The secret to happiness? Live a 'good enough' life

"Here’s some counterintuitive news. You should aim for The Good Enough Life.

Oh, I know. It sounds pathetic, defeated: the goal of someone who lacks high standards and a good work ethic, someone who is willing to settle for mediocrity. Not a doer; a pessimistic loser.

Well, happiness experts say satisfaction is largely a matter of expectations. Expectations can sink you. You always thought you would live in a nice house with a double-car garage, have a couple of lovely children, an influential, well-paid job, a devoted spouse and savings in your bank account.


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Well, do you aim for the "good enough life" or are you determined to pursue "the best life"?

I bet it`s really hard to say "my happiness is so important to me I'm interested in the good enough life."

Is there another way to reconcile the apparent "conflict of interests" (to be happy x to have the best)?
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