Usar only para mais de uma coisa

José Wagner Ribeir 15
Eu posso usar a palavra "only" para relacionar mais de uma coisa que teve uma caracaterística? Por exemplo, "The only parameters that were lower in streams draining sugarcane catchments were water temperature, conductivity, and pH."
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Snowpiercer7272 1310 1 28
Sim, pode. "Os únicos parâmetros que estavam..."
Agora, por curiosidade, por favor, como seria a sentença toda em português?
José Wagner Ribeir 15
Obrigado pela resposta. Acho que a frase em português seria: "Os únicos parâmetros que foram mais baixos em riachos que drenam bacias de cana-de-açúcar foram temperatura da água, condutividade e pH." Eu vi a frase original em inglês.
PPAULO 58970 6 45 1053
I would say so.
The word "only" can be used referring to multiple items, restricting them as one piece.
As the guy of the following site explains
"in some situations, only refers to a single item, as in:

(1a) This is my only stick of gum. Do not eat it.
Given that a person hears around that many words each day, and that there are many other uses of plural only, it’s a conservative estimate to say that a fluent English speaker is exposed to plural only at least once a day.
Ref. motivatedgrammar.wordpress

So, Linguee has this example:
"In his case, his farm and his village are the only places he knows, and it is not worth the risk."

And back to the guy of the said site:
Fiske object to saying that “worsen is one of the only words that mean to aggravate, ” or that “the new copywriter is one of the only people inclined to use &”?

So, to me it's enough to convince me that "only" can be used to restrict an 'one-piece' group of items, and your sentence is such an example.
By the way, "only ones" signals that "only" can be a restricting thing and it can live well in the same home, without fighting each other. :-) And we aren't the only ones to know that!

Let's wait for more comments, though.