Com quantos anos posso começar a dar aulas ?

Tenho 14 anos, me encontro no nível "avançado" no idioma.

Faço curso de inglês há 3 anos, meu vocabulário é enorme e tenho certificados de inglês pela Cambridge. Será que quando eu tiver 16/17 anos já posso dar aulas?

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Hi folks!

Here in Brazil an intern should be (at least) a sixten-year-old person. A teacher must be an adult, a young adult maybe but still...

My tips:

If you are thinking about becoming a teacher find out which kind of school you belong with... I mean how do you intend to become a teacher... I will explain it better. Some schools focus on speaking. Grammar is the main subject of some chains... There are some in which you have so much fun, but you learn just a little, or "just touch the surface" ... those are really shallow.

After choosing, target the skills you need to become a teacher there... Many friends of mine became teachers, in some schools they even prefer former students to make the staff. If you choose Cultura Inglesa, for example, take a look at the "certificates" required. From my point of view, it is very nice to have a certificate, it gives you more self-confidence.
I studied for some years at Cultura and I guess reading and listening was what I learned more... As I am a little bit chatty, speaking had never been a problem to me... Although listening was a weak spot.

Do not see your youth as weakness. It is actually your strength, your best weapon. Take advantage of this to improve you English skills, maybe learn more some aspects of the language. You said you are in some sort of advanced level, but believe it or not, you always have something to learn, re-think, or polish...
Let's think about reading. You have so many things to learn, not just to improve the range of vocabulary, but structure, style, idioms and so on ... and on
Sorry to drone on and on, but I have already said I chatty...
To sum up, choose, target and go for it...

Ah, wait more replies ... there are lots of teachers here...

See you around...

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There´s nothing here saying that age matters, fluency and the C1 or C2, certificate do.
Obviously to sign contracts it requires some adjustments, parents or legal guardians are always involved. And, as far as I know, children age 14 to 18 may not work at night. Employers are required to grant such minors, time to attend school.
With all that, and the supply and demand law, it becomes more likely that an adult get that job, but the only way to know is trying, since you say you are fluent, chances are that you get it.
Good luck on your studies and teaching!

A Cultura Inglesa, por exemplo, pede diploma de nível superior e proficiência na língua inglesa correspondente ao nível C1 ou C2 do Conselho Europeu de Línguas (CEF); ela se encarrega de fazer a capacitação dos professores. ... de-letras/

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It's me again...

Sorry if I seemed to be such a big-head lecturing or parroting other people's speeches, but I am much older than you Bia.
I said I am a bit chatty, but that's not true. I am totally..