Como dizer "Assalto ao Banco Central" em inglês

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Português: assalto ao banco central (filme)
Inglês: Título original: Federal Bank Heist

The movie "Federal Bank Heist" is a work of fiction, inspired by the greatest bank robbery of the century, from the preparation of the gang to the behind the scenes of the federal police investigation. In August 2005, 100 million dollars were stolen from the Central Bank in Fortaleza, Ceará. Without giving a single shot, without triggering an alarm, the robbers entered and exited the vault through a 84 meters dug under the room, carrying three tons of money. There were more than three months of preparation. Thousands of dollars were spent in planning. It was one of the most sophisticated and well planned crimes to be noticed in Brazil. Who were these people? And what happened to them afterwards? These are the questions that every Brazilian has been done since then. - Globofilmes

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