Como dizer ''É homem ou mulher (adulto)?'' em inglês

Estava no serviço e falaram que tinha um estudante me esperando. Eu perguntei se era um menino ou menina (is it a boy or girl?) e o pessoal me sacaneou. Como deveria fazer a pergunta? Nesse caso está correto usar o pronome it ou deveria ser outro?
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Good question. I would ask "male or female student?", but then perhaps if you had said "who is it?" (que é ele/ela, qualquer que seja o sexo da pessoa.) would do.

By using "it´s a boy or a girl", first of all, it could lead others to think of a "kid/child".
Plus, it could lead to those present to automatically think of the question "it´s a boy or a girl?", used when one have just known of the birth of a baby!
Granted, perhaps this habit is not widely used these days, but depending the way you asked, people could subconsciously make that association. And with that make it a good joke! ;-)

More succinctly, you could use "He or she?" (short "for is it a he or she?") or just "male or female?" (short for "is it a female or female student - in our case here.)

To a slangy people or in a colloquial setting, one could ask "it´s/is it a John or Jane Doe?", though.
And certainly other ways, so let´s wait for more comments, since English is really vast. Whereas my memory isn´t! ;-)