Como dizer "Enquanto durar durou" em inglês

Desculpem mais uma vez pela forma como estou a escrever mas no trabalho uso teclado inglês...

Queria saber como se diz:
O trabalho enquanto durar durou... Depois logo se ve e procura outro!


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gian2hard 1 7 51
Acho que a tradução dessa frase que transmita o significado pretendido seria isso!

The job will last for as long as it does...after that one can just look for another one.
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Do the work the best you can, make the most of it (learn new things etc...while you are there) and try not worry too much about being out of work. Doing your concientiously best always will help you to get back to work (if you have to change jobs someday.)

Excuse me for being verbose on that one, certainly other terser answers may come. Let´s wait for them.

Some further advice on that subject: ... rk_advice/
Ancrispa 9 56
Paulo has already given a good answer –you will notice that he didn’t translate it literally. Have in mind that it is not possible.

I’m going to give more examples just to widen your options:

You should enjoy the work you do while it lasts. So if it happens one day you lose it, you must search for another without regret. After all, you did your best.

You must have the pleasure of showing up in your work as long as it lasts, because if you lose it, you will have to look for another.

You ought to love the work you do as long as you have it. If by a misfortune, you lose it, you must seek for another one.

One should do his work diligently as long as it lasts. If by a mischance you lose it, you will have to start job searching.
Ancrispa 9 56
Enquanto durar: long as it lasts. long as it remains.
….as long as it endures.
… as long as it continues.
…as long as it persists.
…while it endures.
..while it goes on.
…while it subsists. long as it prevails.

It all depends on the content and the context of your sentence.
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
And also (in another point of view):
Make the most of your current job, without worrying about how long it will last. Someday, if you are laid off, fired (or decide to leave your position) certainly there will be a new job around the corner
for you (provided you look for and you have developed skills.)

Further reading, and one can search for more on the web: ... ticle.aspx