Como dizer "estou voando" em inglês


I’m studying English Language and Literature at University and tonight the sentence “estou voando” came up in my mind. How can I say “estou voando” in English?

I’ve got a friend who’s a native English teacher; he’s an American. He speaks Portugues very well and could pass himself off as a Brazilian guy without a problem.

I asked him about it. He told me that there is a particular way to say that in USA but he couldn’t remember it at the time. I know there are many other forms, counterparts, like “I’m not following you”, “I’ve missed the point”, “I can’t understand” and what have you, but I wanted as close as possible to our “estou voando” in the sense of not understading anything at all.

Sorry if I’m pushing too far, but if someone could sort this problem out I’d be very thankful.

OBS: please, don’t say “I’m flying”! hehehe… just kidding! :D

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1. Lost: unable to understand something because it is too complicated.

Ex.: Hang on a minute—I'm lost. - Oxford Online

2. Can't make heads or tails

Ex.: I can't make heads or tails of it.
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There are so many ways. For such a common expression, I think it is wrong to say there is one particular way to say it in English. If you are looking for something with "voar" in it, I can't think of a thing.

You lost me.
What on earth did you just say?
Can you say that again in plain English?
I would say: "Sorry, I was absent-minded".
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