Como dizer "Feliz natal a todos" em inglês

Como eu posso dizer "Feliz a natal a todos" em inglês?

Thank you in advance!

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Avatar do usuário Word Moder 450 9
Você também pode usar as expressões abaixo para dizer feliz natal a todos em inglês:

  • Merry Christmas everyone!
  • Happy Christmas everyone!
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Avatar do usuário Simon Vasconcelos 4240 7 80
Merry Christmas to all.

Happy Christmas for all of you.
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 46175 6 35 814
Merry Christmas to all of you, and to those that don´t celebrate Christmas,
holiday (season).
I wish you all spread the warmth of this Christmas and holidays season, to all around you, and that (you and us all) make this world a better place to live in.

I wish a Happy Christmas to those that are going just to have a sleep in, and to those that are traveling, working, at the hospitals, hugging kids, visiting parent´s and/or doing the cooking, hugging awesome kids, at the sea, on the air, reading a book, enjoying the nature, treating themselves to a "rabanada" or some drinks. In sum, all of you, of all walks of life.

Best wishes, I hope all your dreams come true as the new year is coming, and enjoy the holidays season along with your buddies and loved ones.

Take care, stay safe and well and have fun with your families.

And thanks you all for having around, bringing up their issues, and shared the passion of learning. See you around.

Well, a chatter-box Christmas greeting, eh?
Avatar do usuário Lucas Queiroz 475 1 15
Could I say "Merry Christmas for everybody"?
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 46175 6 35 814
It´s less commom, but with English I never say no. ... dy%3B%2Cc0

Yet, chances are that you say "for everybody" and get your greeting answered "Merry Christams to you too..."
Not grammarly wrong, though.

Merry Christmas (to) everybody/everyone is more usual. Anyway, given the warm mood people are in these times most, people will be glad that you are so kind of wishing them well, they aren´t going to be fussy about such minor details. ;)