Como dizer "Fim, conclusão, desenlace, desfecho" em inglês

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Português: Fim, conclusão, epílogo, desenlace, desfecho
Inglês: Upshot

  • 1.And indeed, much like with that melting, the upshot if the trend continues is an especially bad sea level rise for the United States — the country more responsible than any other on Earth for the global warming that we’re currently experiencing.

    2. The upshot is that these crucial safety-net programs will implode without reforms.

    3.The upshot is that we push, polish and protect our children with superhuman zeal.

    4. In some countries, the upshot is a dramatic change in children's viewing habits.
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Upshot - synonym (noun) = result, consequence, outcome, end, issue, event, conclusion, sequel, finale, culmination, end result, payoff (informal).
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