Como dizer "fuçar, bisbilhotar" em inglês

Como digo por exemplo:

"ela estava fuçando / bisbilhiotando na minha pagina do orkut pra ver minhas fotos"

"O que vc esta fuçando nestas caixas?"


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Oi Sophia,

Pry into - intrometer-se, bisbilhotar
Snoop into - more informal: fuçar

"She was prying into my orkut page to see my photos"
"What are you snooping into these boxes?"

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Poke around

Um exemplo do Google:

So if you poke around on my Facebook page, please understand my “likes” aren't necessarily endorsements.

Boa sorte!
vale tambem pra no caso quando dissemos "nao se intrometa no assunto" "nao se intrometa onde nao fois chamado?"
Donay Mendonça 23 127 1.7k

Neste caso, prefiro interfere:

Don't interfere in what doesn't concern you.(Oxford)
Não se intrometa no que não te diz respeito.

She doesn't interfere in my life and I don't interfere in hers.
Ela não se intromete na minha vida e eu não me intrometo na dela.(

Bons estudos!
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to pry into = Doesn't refer to objects. Refers to "my life, my business, my affairs, etc."
Why are you prying into his past?

to snoop = to spy, search through, etc.
I saw him snooping in your suitcase. (searching)
She is snooping into Alice's private life. (investigating, asking questions)
He snooped around the house, looking in to all the closets and drawers.

to butt in = to interrupt, take actions that affect others without their consent
(True, "butt" can mean "bumbum" in Brazil, but this expression comes from "to hit one's head against something". If a goat has ever hit you with its head, it has butted you.)
I'm talking with Suellen. Don't butt in. (Don't interrupt.)
We were decorating the hall for the dance when he butted in and ruined everything. (...he made changes without our permission and...)

to poke around = to spy, snoop, search, look around, investigate, etc.
It can refer to things (my home, your car, her garden, his closet), and it can refer to someone's life, romances, etc.
(to poke = to jab or hit something, as with a stick or finger)
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Hi there!

pry into..snoop ...

She was inconveniently browsing my page

What are you questing for in theoe boxes?

Take care,

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Exemplinho de snoop at com assunto atual:

Obama told reporters that American intelligence agencies are not “snooping at people’s e-mails or listening to their phone calls.” He also said that the United States would “step back and review what it is that we’re doing.”

source: Brazilian TV show says U.S. spied on state-run Petrobras oil firm, cites NSA documents