Como dizer "Não deixe tudo nas minhas costas" em inglês

No sentido de: uma pessoa que não faz nada e deixa tudo para a outra fazer
"Faça sua parte e pare de deixar tudo nas minhas costas"
"Você sempre deixa tudo nas minhas costas"
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Don´t leave up to me everything.

Don´t leave upon my back everything.

Cheers !
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 39205 6 32 684
"Você sempre deixa tudo nas minhas costas"

One possibility would be "Are you aware that you keep pushing your work onto me?".
To other situation, you could straightforward say "because of your slacking off I end up doing your work/end up stuck with extra work that is not meant to be done by me."

Of course, there are cases and cases... This answer covers just a couple of them, and I meant to the cases in which the coworker do that in a regular basis (and somehow this isn´t fair or you are not much happy with that.)
I’m afraid there isn’t a perfect translation of this sentence, but here are some possibilities:

“Stop leaving everything up to me.”
“Stop slacking off and leaving all the work for me to do.”
“You never help me. I have to do everything by myself.”
“You’re always leaving me with all the workload.”

Avatar do usuário PPAULO 39205 6 32 684
Very good ones. Your answer was right on the mark!