Como dizer "Não faço alarde de mim..." em inglês


A frase para a qual queria uma tradução é:

"Não faço alarde de mim..."

Não é muito simples ...primeiro necessário entender o(s) significado(s) em português.
Depois descobrir as possibilidades mais próximas em inglês.

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Entre outras:
To boast or brag about one's own abilities, skills, success, achievements, etc.

I don't blow my own horn.

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Eu não sou do tipo que busca (excessivamente) os holofotes.
Não sou de exaltar as minhas próprias qualidades.
Não sou de me vangloriar de mim próprio.

I am not the kind of people that is always boasting about myself. About how smart (hardworking, clever, popular, beautiful/handsome or any other traits) I am)
I don´t like to be bragging about myself (about my character traits, about my fanciful car, my homey house, my 25-wage job, anything.)
I don´t like to be bragging on myself, on my jobs, my education, my neighborhood or anything else.

I don't like to praise myself, but I am such a damned clever fellow; it is quite astonishing—I never turn my head to a project but it succeeds, anything - everything - never amiss - I´m so clever.

(from the Collection of Farces and other afterpieces ) - Theatres Royal, selected by Mrs. Archibald.
Note: in the last one the guy uses what we call it "false modesty", what he says is the opposite of what he is doing.

And, Zumstein. Great one, congrats! I had thought of that, but you beat me to it. ;-)

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In medical jargon (and even outside) another expression to mean it is "aggrandizement of the self" as in: I live an authentic life, not based on self-aggrandizing."