Como dizer "o que você está vendo?" em inglês

Gostaria de saber como dizer "O que você está vendo?" em inglês, por favor.
Na verdade, estou em dúvida entre "What are you seeing?" e "What you see?"
Não sei qual das duas opções estão corretas ou se ambas estão erradas, por favor, poderia me tirar essa dúvida?
Muito obrigada,
Natalie :)))
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What are you seeing? Has a "ring of" some action that is happening right now, proper to ask someone what he/she is doing right at the moment you are asking.

What do you see? Can be used to something right now; or in the sense of at any time, as in "what do you see in him? I don´t understand, he is ugly, bad for you and not intelligent".

What you see? Would be informal. May be used in speaking English, but informal just the same, but it´s used in English.
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Para dizer "o que você está vendo?" em inglês, sugiro:

  • What do you see?
  • What can you see?

Não recomendo "what are you seeing?".

Bons estudos.
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I agree that stative verbs are not usually used with ING form, "so they are not used in the progressive However, if you mean to emphasize an ongoing situation of the present time — and to show that it’s indeed different from a past situation — you can put these verbs in a progressive form."
In such cases the stative verb has developed into something that describe a process (an ongoing process).
In the second reference there´s an alphabetical list of verbs of dual grammatical function (simple-state)/(continuous -process) and different meanings. ... -verbs-ing ... 6306002132

So, grammatically you can and should use the verb "see", whereas in some situations, depending on context you can use "seeing".