Como dizer "pessoa com conteúdo" em inglês

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Quando queremos falar de pessoas com ou sem assuntos interessantes, falamos se essa pessoa tem ou não conteúdo. Como fica em inglês?
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A vain or superficial person (sem conteúdo), or a simple-minded one.
And other ways....

Conversely, and back to the crux of the you go:

Deep and intelligent. (as opposed to dumb and shallow). **
Someone on the know.
Somebody on the ball.
An intellectual person.
Someone that is bright and exciting.
One that thinks out the box.
Someone that is bright/a very smart person (smart people).
He/she is deep and sophisticated (has a sophisticated mind.)
She/he got a brain, not only muscles (or is not just a pretty face).
She/he is a girl/guy of many talents (not just a pretty face).

...are some probable ways to mean that, of course, said in different circumstances it may work or not. Context is everything.

**someone interesting/deep and intelligent is really a "bombril" (a thousand uses indeed), because it hints you are saying some appreciatively. And at the same time, it have a good ring to it. Since it makes you think about social and intellectual skills, sort of.
Anyway, it´s a guess of mine, others may think all them do the same effect.
Person of substance
"A person of substance is someone who strives to live a life that means something and who chooses to participate rather than be a spectator in life in order to be part of the solution as opposed to the problem."
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