Como resumir (falando) o que acabei de ler em Inglês ?

Se você lesse uma página de um livro, como você a resumiria, falando em terceira pessoa e no passado ? Eu pergunto isso porque um dia na aula de Inglês eu li um capítulo e a professora me perguntou "What can you tell me about the story?" eu me lembrava de muita coisa mas tinha dificuldades em recitar os diálogos e outras coisas..


"It was Friday afternoon in the office of Babbit Cars, Los Angeles. Charlie Babbit was shouting on the phone. 'But I have waited five weeks for these cars. Where are they?'. On another phone, Charlie's secretary, Susanna, was talking to a customer. The customer wanted six Lamborguini cars and he wanted them that day. Then a call came from the bank. Susanna put her hand over the phone. 'They want you to pay back the money you borrowed,' she said. 'They want it this afternoon'.

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Well, what I can tell/recall from the story is that it is set in Los Angeles, to begin with.
So in a given Friday afternoon (OR - in a certain Friday afternoon...) the main character Charlie Babbit (it strikes me as he is some sort of manager) is shouting on the phone, saying that he had been waiting five week for some cars, and asking where were they?
At the same time, his secretary Susanna was talking to a customer that wants six Lamborghinis and wants right now! This day, no less.
Next, there is a bank call (the phone allows conference calls, I suppose), Susanna cups the phone and in a whisper she says "they want the payment of the money borrowed" and then "in this afternoon".

Notice: if you are talking, making an account of events - first of all, tell what you remember.
Some "opening" words in an account come in handy, people can use for "buying time" while they "remember" more facts. So, in this way you can see that I used "well/next" and giving a certain personal touch "I suppose". As you see, with spoken English, you can use a more free approach, you can and should improvise, say words off-the-cuff, as you would do if you had to tell some story in Portuguese.
Such improvisation as in "it strikes me as he is some sort of manager", you could use some; of course, it has to be in a natural way, it has to be sincere and genuine. If so, it also can buy time as well.
Well, my thinking here, I am no teacher or something but it´s from my little experience, others may and certainly will polish my answer further and give us more invaluable tips.
Ah, and you can use some smile, it helps to create some rapport and empathy.

Some verbs and introductory remarks here, to help you. But as they are meant to writing, deem that as a kick off. ... riting.htm

You can see some good introductory words and expressions by running a search with the key words "interview" for example and see some interviewees in action, even videos if you wish. Good luck with your studies!
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