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It is very important to take some precautions to avoid problems with electricity in your home and ensure your and your family’s safe. Check out some tips to avoid accident with power wires, plugs and electrical appliances.

Try to avoid 3-way-outlet adapter, particularly in humid places such as kicthen and laundry room. They may cause an overheat on the wires, which can lead to a short-circuit. Another drawback is that that object waste too much energy.

Never unplug apliances without turn it on bebore, and don’t connect a blocken plug (without its prongs). This can also cause a short-circuit and cause a high voltage electrical chock.

Groundwire the apliances that use more energy such as fridges, wash machines, electric showers and microwaves, by doing that they will be more protected in a case of any electrical problems.

Be careful of where you install electric equipament in batchrooms, kichtens, and laundry rooms. They are more humid places and it rise the risk of an accidente.

Check if the electrical istalation is well made. Wires in bad conditions or unprotected outlats can be very dangerous for you and mainly for kids.

Before doing any repair, be always sure that you turned off the main switch. Ideally, you shold always consult an electricion not to run the risk of suffer any accident.
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