Correção de texto: How good my english?

I'm just getting started to learn English. I've been studying really hard and I think I am evolving week by week. So I want you to answer me: Is this small text ok? I mean, is there any mistake in it? (I suppose there are tons of mistakes)
So that's it. Thank you all.
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My stab at it.

How good is my English? or How good do you think my English is?

I'm just getting started to learn English.
I'm just getting started with English/...getting started learning English.
(my opinion is that would be more natural this way, but let´s wait for more opinions on that one.)

So that's it, thank you all.
(it´s just my style here, I wouldn´t separate the two parts.)

Overal your piece of text is very good, you are really off to a good start!
Congrats on your writing skills.