Correção de texto: I thank you for all

I'm vary happy because you guys helped me a lot, You people lost a little time only to help me who you guys don't know, with those text which were corrected by you, I know, unfortunately it isn't still enough, but i learned a lot already, thank you very much for your patient, occasionally I'll send more text for you guys if I couldn't boring you, thanks a lot!
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My guess:

I am thankful for you guys, people who do not even know me, but still helped me out correcting those texts. Just a thank you is not enough to say what it meant to me. I have learned a lot and maybe I will send more texts (if it is not inconvenient).

Thank you again!
Thank you very much Gabriel, thanks for your help...but I didn't understand what you wondered mean with "if it is not inconveniente"...would be a problem if i send more text ?
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Hie guys!

Well...Roger... It was just a translation, do not worry about that!

And, yes, you can send more text, we are all here to learn and improve our English!

Be cool !