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Hi guys! Can you help me with the text below?

It is ok, great! It isn't, please, comment.


Last year I and my girl friend went to southern Brazil.
We stayed there for a month and we visited some beautiful places.

First, we went to beach Balneário Camboriú, in Santa Catarina, where we
dived! We saw some types of fish and we enjoyed it so much! At night we went
to restaurant, we ate fish and a delicious dessert.

After, I drove up Rio Grande do Sul! Here we sang with some friends and we
drank a lot of wine, in the feast of the grape. For my happiness we visited Arena
do Grêmio and we saw a soccer match.

Finally, we went to Paraná, for visited Catarátas do Iguaçu, but unfortunatelly
we didn't saw this place, because the weather was terrible, it rained three days

Well, this vacations was beautiful and amazing, we recomended the southern
Brasil for all of our friends.
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"I drove up Rio Grande do Sul" should read "I drove down to Rio Grande..."
Hi! Thanks for the answer!

Look, The expression "I drove down to Rio Grande do sul".
In this case, i should use "down" because is South?

My question is a dumb question, probably, but I was doubt.