Do you eat to live or live to eat?

Do you eat to live or live to eat?
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Flavia.lm 1 10 96
Question: Do you eat to live or live to eat?


- Some people do live to eat. It seems that eating is the most pleasant thing they can do.
- I definitely think life is much 'wider' than simply eating. It is essential for our survival, but it is only one of the (several) essential things in life. Everything is a matter of balancing our needs.

Now it's your turn!
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28 respostas
Logan18 1
Good question, To be or not be... Well I eat to live, because it's important to my survivor and for my life, I do not like to eat anything when I'm not hungry.
I eat to live, eating is so tasty LOL
but I live to a lot of other things besides the food.
Actually I do both. Sometimes I eat to live and I feel so good when I do that because I always choose salad instead of something rich like pancakes, french toast, etc. But most of the time I eat a lot of junk fook and when I say a lot I really mean a lot. The more the better! So I gain and lose weight all the time...too bad that I can't control myself. I wish I were a disciplined person, but the truth is I am a junk food addict.
JacksonB 2
I definitely live to eat :S
I'm not greedy at all.. I just love eating..
maybe because I can eat tons and even then I don't gain weight :(
Good question...I eat to live, but sometimes I like so much to eat without hungyr...It´s so good eat just to eat, speacialy junk food. But even when I wish so much to eat, I don´t eat a lot, my stomach is smal...
I eat all the time, but I eat to live.

I would like to suggest the following changes to your post:

Good question ... I eat to live, but sometimes I like to eat even though I am not hungry ... It is so satisfying to just eat, especially junk food. But even when I want to eat a lot, I don't because my stomach is small.
I eat to live. But sometimes, when I'm feeling anxious for some reason, it feels like I live to eat.
Kathy escreveu:I eat to live. But sometimes, when I'm feeling anxious for some reason, it feels like I live to eat.

I would try this minor tweak, and I am really reaching to find something.

I eat to live. But sometimes when, for any of a variety of reasons, my anxieties are high, it feels like I live to eat.

Hope this helps your construction.
Thank you Bill. You're really helping me.
Kathy escreveu:Thank you Bill. You're really helping me.
Excellent, A+, work.

Thank you for listening.
I eat to live, haha! Loved this question.
I live to eat, but sometimes i think what i live to eat
Of course that I eat to live, so I'm very thin and I don't eat too much, just enough to keep myself awake and energetic to live my life and study a lot xD.
felipeh6 7 56
I eat to live, but let me say that sometimes it's really good to "live to eat", but it must be an exception!
felipeh6 escreveu:I eat to live, but let me say that sometimes it's really good to "live to eat", but it must be an exception!
I second that.

I'm a lacto vegetarian and eat whole grain food for more than 30 years, and I live to eat healthy food :D . But I have to eat pizza made with white floor once in a while, just for fun.
Well, I eat just what is necessary. In fact I feel not good taste with fast food for example. I prefer juice and fruits, to lunch I always eat vegetables, rice and bean. Nothing meat. I am thin but it is not because way that I eat, in my family almost all is thin. I think my feeding is good, nothing more than necessary.
I belive that if someone live to eat, will explode.
I eat to live. I prefer natural food instead of junk food. It's not healthy eating a lot. We have to try to follow the "3 hours recommentadion".
It's my first time over here and I tell all of you : I eat to far!
I eat to live a healthy life! =)
The right is: you should eat to live. The most important is to eat fruits and vegetables. Fishes and chicken are welcome as well. But, if you eat some red meat or french fries three times a month, it's ok. However, I know, it's very difficult to resist to a juicy steak and a glass of soft drink, like Coke, for instance.
I eat to live
It depends. Sometimes I live to eat, and sometimes I eat to live. Depending of my mood.
Hey there, that's a interesting question. Sometime a eat to live, Yes off course I have my biological needs. I really like to eat, but I think we have amazing things to do, instead just eat and eat, we have eat to be OK, that's it. In whole world has people living without food, if we worked to help those people, the world could be better and that would be great for us.
Yes, in the last months I have done it.

Next week I am going to train swim once by week and work out every day. I enrolled myself yesterday.
I love to eat, I love new tastes
I've been a vegan for three years now so I guess I'd definitely lean on the side of the first choice. Ever since I was a kid I didn't understand what the fuss over foodstuffs was really about, maybe it's because I didn't taste things too well, as I had some breathing issues back then.